Our Story

Pasta Runs in Our Family

Piero Menegazzi is the Head Chef and owner of Pomodoro. Piero uses only locally-sourced, organic all natural ingredients. Piero was raised in Milan, Italy, where his family owns and operates a hotel and restaurant. From a young age Piero was fascinated with cooking and learned beside his mother and grandmother the art of taking simple, fresh ingredients and transforming them into an amazing flavorful dish.

Piero immigrated to South Florida in 1979, and worked for some masterful chefs before opening POMODORO in 1989. Piero's food has remained true to his Northern Italian roots and he travels back to Italy every year to renew his passion for bringing Ft. Lauderdale the best authentic Italian cuisine anywhere. 

Owner & Executive Chef

Piero Menegazzi

"Al Dente makes you smile"

Food makes people happy. It takes you back home. It says so many things words can't. So listen to my story and enjoy!

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